Men have a Cervix


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Sir Keir Starmer says it is "not right" to say only women have a cervix amid a row involving one of his MPs.
Rosie Duffield came under fire after supporting online criticism of a tweet, which referred to "individuals with a
cervix" to be inclusive of trans men.

The incident was called transphobic by trans rights supporters - but Labour MP Ms Duffield rejects the claim.
Asked about the row, Sir Keir said claiming only women have cervixes was "something that shouldn't be said".

But Health Secretary Sajid Javid attacked the Labour leader, saying his remarks were a "total denial of scientific fact".


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Yes, these are the jokes folks. This just proves how bloody stupid the Labour party are in general and
especially the man at the top.

Let a man with a Cervix come forward to prove Starmer is right. LOL

And lets not forget that it isn't only men that have a penis and testicles
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