What NHS ?


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No such thing, well not locally anyway. All the local Dr surgeries are closed in Plymouth but they hold you
on the phone for over an hour before they tell you there is no appointments available.

The service is absolutely disgusting, we paid damned good money for this and are now being left in pain or
to suffer then die.

The Ambulance service is no better, it can take up to 2 hours to get a response, not much help if you have
just had an heart attack or stroke.


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This is Mayflower Medical Services and they have had a bad report from the watchdog. Of course, nothing
will change, they will still take the money and laugh at everyone.


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This has become such a dangerous situation that someone needs to take legal action.
Watching the tv news about the woman who couldn't get a face to face appointment so paid £95
to see a Dr and got the actual Dr that refused a face to face.

So no I can't see you face to face because of Covid fears but I can it you pay me, this is disgusting and
the above shows that it has nothing whatsoever to do with Covid.